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Welcome to My Wedding Page. Here I will list dates of close friends or relatives that are getting married or who have already this year. There will be photos as soon as I can get a scanner :) Also, I will have plenty of links on weddings resources.


flowerPaul & Jennifer married on February 4, 1998!!!(I love you honey!)

flowerTom & Jennifer married on April 25, 1998.

flowerSoon to be Wedd:flower

flowerRay & Dawn's wedding to be held on August 2, 1998.

flowerJohn & Shay 's wedding to be held on October 9, 1998.

If you want to be listed here please email me. I would love to have your name here :)

flowerWedding Links:flower

flower2BMarried~Announce and display your wedding etc. over the World Wide Web.

flowerAll About Showers~Informative site designed to help in the bridal shower planning.

flowerBride's Online Guide~Links to other wedding sites.

flowerWedding Checklist~Checklist.

flowerWedding Online~The internet's wedding information resource.

flowerWedding Channel.Com~A must see! Has lots of infomation to prepare for your wedding.

flowerThe Ultimate On-line Wedding Guide~Wedding resources.

More links to come!!