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Win Our Awards Ring

*Please note that I am working on a logo or if you have any suggestions email me*

Win Our Awards Ring is a group of sites that make it easier for the websurfer to find the award they want to apply for and vice-versa. All I ask is:
1. Your site is family safe.
2. You must display an award(s) to be applied for.
3. Please make sure to download the angel gif to your OWN SERVER and name it "winmy.gif"
4. Do NOT change the HTML code.(code will be sent through email)

Not many rules..Why not join!! :)

If you have any questions or are not sure your site belongs, please E-mail me at

Win Our Awards Ring: Site Submission

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If you need to edit your site information such as site id, password or URL and want to see who has join the ring, please follow this link Edit Information/Index


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