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An Angel to watch over us!

Nina Noel

Hello, I'm glad you stop by our page. My name is Paul Anthony and my sister is Nina Noel. I was born on December 3, 1995 and my sister on January 28, 1998. I am so glad that I have her around and I can't wait til she is bigger so we can play :)

My mom has spent weeks or should I say months working on her website and we decided that maybe my sister and I should have our own too. So, we convince our mommie to help us design our page, since we can't even read/write yet :)

On this page, we will have photos of ourselves and links for other kids our age to go and maybe find something that interest you(of course with mommie or daddie's help).

Well, thats all for now and make sure to visit our mommie's page. She has worked soooo hard on it and we are all so proud of her!! Thanks for taking the time visiting us :) Have a great day!


funstuffOur Links: educational page filled with activities for any school age child from preschool to sixth grade.

eeyoreColoring Book Pages~Coloring book pages from Disney, Space Jam, Seasame Street and Winnnie the Pooh to download and color! I love coloring, except mommie and daddie got mad when I took a permanent marker to the wall ..oops! I was only expressing myself and drew a pretty nice picture if you ask me.

elmoFavorite Kid Links~Here you can find links to your favorite cartoon characters. I am sure you will find something you like here.

tiggerKidsdomain~There are a lot of things for us kids to do here. They offer different things and even have icons and games to download. This is a cool site!

bertChildren Stroybooks Online~A site where you can read a story that can be animated or even have sounds.

arielDisney Online Storybooks~Almost like the link above, but here you will find all your favorite disney stories. My sister's favorite is "My Little Mermaid.

barneyBarney Page~The all time favorite purple dinosaur..its Barney!

crayolaCrayola Page~Learn how crayola's are made. Features coloring books, story time, game room and online art.

cayoteKid Games~Listing of favorite kid games.

smile~Official Home of the Beanie Babies

blue cluesOfficial Home of Nickeloden~This is where you can find blue favorite tv show!

bigbirdPBS Characters

smile101 Activities to do with your Toddler~Great for those boring or rainy days...

bearBilly Bear Storybooks~Everything from fun and games, storybooks to clipart!

rabbitBarbie Page~Everything barbie (not my personal favorite..more my sister's style)

foghornOfficial Home of Little League Baseball~I can't wait til I am big enough to play!

cookieEducational Site~Educational site where you can click on a letter of the alphabet and words with the same letter appears.


More links to come! Please let us know if any of these links don't work. Also, please visit mommie's site!

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