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welcome friends

Here I listed some links to free guestbooks that I found on the web :)

bearGuestPage.Com~Message Detection, 20 Layout displays, Powerful Option Customize, Interactive Email, Unlimited Entries storage, and much more.

bear1-2-3 Webtools~1-2-3 WebTools you will get a free personal guestbook and a free for all link-page. Both can be customized with your colors, logos, text, and even background images.

bearLpage~A guestbook with many different features and can be customize to your liking.

bearTripod~Offers free homepage and a guestbook to go along with it.

bearDreambook~In normal editing mode, you can pick from a variety of templates, and if you switch into advanced mode, you can edit the html directly to make your own custom forms. You decide what fields appear in your guestbook, and how they are arranged. You can even ask your visitors questions and create complex questionaires.

bearToast~was not working when I tested this link.


bearBravenet~Customize it with your own colors, fonts, images and questions. Turn on e-mail notification and/or swear checking! Use the guestbook wizard to build an awesome guestbook, it's amazingly user friendly

**Please let me know if any of the links don't work....thanks!**

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