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welcome friends

Here I listed some graphics/animated sites that I found on the web. These are not country graphic sites, but offer clipart, borders, backgrounds, bars/lines, and buttons etc.

bearCarol's Clip Art

bearRandy's Icon and Image Bazaar

bearResources for Icons, Images, and Graphics

bearWeb Graphics on a Budget


bearAndy's Art Attack

bearAnimal Hut

bearAnimated GIF'S Galore

bearAnimated City

bearAnimations and Graphics for Your Website

bearBrian's Homepage

bearBrown Bag Graphics

bearThe Clip Art Connection

bearThe Clipart Warehouse

bearDebby's GIF Animation Page

bearDee Dee's Cool Animations Connection

bearDenton's Keep BBS

bearThe Free Graphics Store

bearGIF Anim


**Some site where taken from PC NOVICE Magazine**

**Please let me know if any of the links don't work....thanks!**

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