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welcome friends

Here I listed some links to free emails that I found on the web.

bearAltavista email

bearMailcity~Mailcity is one email service I used. It's has been very reliable. You can check your email worldwide. Features include: Address book, attachments, vacation replys, signature, address blocking and checking POP mail.

bearHotmail~Another email service thats free and used worldwide. It offers the same features as mailcity.

bearDaily Web Planner~World's 1st Web based FREE daily planner. It has features like E-mail, Reminder Service, Calendar, Planner, & more. Access is easy and possible from any computer in the world that has connection to the World Wide Web.

bearDoghouse Mail~Features include: Address book, attachments, vacation replys, signature, address blocking and checking POP mail. Basically, the same as mailcity. It even looks like it!


bearMauiMail~Features address book, signature, and browser themes(you can change the color of the background).

bearNetaddress~Access email from anywhere, lifetime email address for free.

bearPostmaster~Web-based system, No software or special configuration needed, Quick access and easy to use, File attachment capabilities, Personal address book.

bearReturn Receipt~Let's you know when you sent your email by time and date and when it was recieved.

bearRocketmail~Spell checking, Folders, Multimedia Attachments, Remote Mail Account (POP) Access, HTML support, Signature Blocks, Traditional e-mail features, Password protection and management, and Personal Interface Preferences.

bearROTFL Online Services~Stands for rolling on the floor laughing. It gives you a free 2mb homepage and chat.

bearTeleServe~!Features: POP3 & SMTP settings, Changing your password, Forwarding your mail to another Email address, Making a "comment" which will appear at the bottom of each Email and TeleServe's Discussion Group.

bearProntomail~This is my new email server. I really like them and they offer a whole bunch of neat things. You can even block out spammers...if your looking for a change try them!

**Please let me know if any of the links don't work and also if you have anymore links to add or comments..thanks!

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