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bearFrontPage 97~Allows web beginners and Hypertext Markup Language(HTML) experts to create attractive and powerful web pages.

bearAOLpress 2.0~Offered free to AOL users. You can create pages using advanced HTML features, including image maps, forms, and frames.

bearAdobe PageMill 2.0~Creating web pages is easier than ever with the drag-and-drop HTML editing program. There is no need to type raw HTML code; the code is generated automically in the background as you add elments to the page.

bearAOL Personal Publisher II~2 versions available: Personal Publisher I creates and stores [ages on the server and II stores the hTML-formatted web pages on the server which is only available to those who use AOL 3.0 for windows.

bearCompuServe Home Page Wizard 1.0~Once downloaded it decompresses the archive and automically starts the installation of the orgram's images, templates, and files. You don't have to be connected to the server to create a web page and its real easy for beginners to use.

bearHIPPIE~Free with Prodigy Internet membership.

bearInternet Assistant~Many different features and very easy to create tables and forms.

bearNetscape Composer~Beginners should be able to create attractive web pages easyily and quickly. This software is packaged with Netscape Communicator Suite and not sold by itself. It includes the basic features of an HTML editor, but includes a spell checker, drag-and-drop function and automatic conversion of bit-map files to be compressed into .GIF files.

bearClaris Home Page 2.0~A good program for the novice builder. The program features handy pull-down menus and a toolbar to streamline the process. This is program is good to use if you already have some knowledge of HTML coding.

bearHoTMetal Pro 3.0~Features a drag-and-drop editing options, more than 60 templates, and automatic file conversion to HTML. This is another program thats requires you to know something about HTML coding.

bearBBEdit 4.0~Code writer for Macintosh computers. Requires a complete understanding of HTML, includes commands that allow you to edit source files written in other programming languages, advanced pattern searching, spell check, and printing.

bearHotDog Professional 3.0~Offers numerous options for adding images, links to other web sites, and special effects. Also, it is easy to set up style sheets and much more.

bearHomeSite 2.5a~A program for the professional in HTML. Features a spell checker, table and frame wizards, and access to virtually any HTML tag and extension, list editor, image map editor, drag-and-drop images and files from directory windows and much more.


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