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Here I listed some links to GIF Animation Programs:

bear faceGif Construction Set~A really easy program to use and is not expensive to buy.

bear faceVideoCraft GIF Animator~VideoCraft is a Windows program that applies special effects to still images or video clips.

bear faceWebImage 2.11~Enhance, optimize, & create graphics for the Web.

bear faceMicrosoft GIF Animator~Microsoft GIF Animator is the fast and easy way to create and customize animations for your Web sites. No code is required to make your Web sites more eye-catching.

bear faceAnimagic GIF Animator 1.02~It's an easy to use yet powerful GIF animation tool. It produces output files that are 10% to 80% smaller than non-optimized GIF's and builds animations from individual frames or from existing animated GIF's. Users can drag and drop files, easily control loops, frame rate, transparent color, reduce number of colors, copy/cut/paste frames, add/delete comment frames, add effects and more. All of that can be done without any knowledge of GIF format.

bear facePhotoImpact GIF Animator 1.5~Ulead GIF Animator is an extremely intuitive, powerful, but easy to use tool for designing, producing and optimizing GIF animations

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