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Bon.Net~no limit in space China Infonet~0.1 mb Codename~8 mb Collage Club~2 mb Conk~1 mb Crosshairs~4 mb Crosswinds~no limit in space Crystallize~no limit in space CyberCities~no limit in space Cynetcity~4 mb Darkcastle~no limit in space(I could never connect to the page, if you do let me know) Digiweb~10 mb Earth On Line~6 mb Easy Space~25 mb Eccentrica~0.5 mb Focus Asia~2 mb For Free~2 mb Fortunecity~20 mb Freeshells~no limit in space Freeyellow~2 mb FSN~20 mb FreeWebsite~1 page Gamepost~5 mb Geocities~11 mb Gurlpages~5 mb H&H Devel~5 mb HKID~10 mb Homestead~3 mb Howdyneighbor~2 mb